Walking Dead Season 4 episode – Off to an interesting start!!

Speakonitcomics.comcarl & rick

Speakonitcomics.comcarl & rick

If you have not seen the Walking Dead season 4 episode kick off Sunday night on AMC at 9PM. don’t you worry!! No spoilers here!! I will say it does give you a real interesting point of view for all the characters. The 1st Walking Dead episode was on last week and being a huge fan of the comics and the show, I look at how far this show has come and how certain characters rise above the deteriorating world as they once knew and some lose themselves & their humanity. This episode was about Hope, lost and pain. Carl journey into manhood and making decisions was played well. We also get to see Michonne in a different light altogether and her back story. I really enjoyed this episode being it really gets you engrossed and makes you care about what happens to them. Great start!!


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